The global warming trend is our huge concern today. So, we would like to watch the changes in the global climate for 3 consecutive years through our familiar topic “Cherry Blossom”, hand-in-hand with "Earth Day 2006 Climate Change Solutions Campaign" presented by 'Earth Day Network'. It is a project to connect people to the world through the Japanese spring news “Cherry Blossom”.
Please send your ‘Cherry view’ found in your place!

It is an art project, to create ‘Cherry Blossom Front Map’ on the satellite image by posting your ‘Cherry Blossom picture’ & ‘whereabouts’, which is a part of “Green @ Earth” project.

Hosted by Green・Photon : Co-hosted by EarthDay Tokyo2007 executive committee

To post from normal mobile-phone,

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Let’s post from your mobile phone / computer!

E-mail address to post.

To post from normal mobile-phone
with GPS/Location Information function,

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'SAKURA Mapping' on Google Maps

Your posted SAKURA images are presented on the Google Maps.
You can even view the past data at Google Earth.

Let’s check out a newest ‘SAKURA Map’ on Google Earth!

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